Thought of the way life use to be,
when we didn't have to feel such shame and defeat.
A time when we wore permanent smiles,
it's all gone now the darkness swallowed our live's.
Just two lost broken souls and the devil holding a knife.
I watched as you fell into a world I had never known,
terrified I stayed on the ride.
Flesh tattered and bruised, heart broken and used.
The pain I would always hide.
I was just comfort and assurance at all time's.
I have been tossed aside as though I never mattered,
As though I am to blame for our live's being shatterd.
I carry these chains around my shoulders as I try to find a new life.
Memories of youthful time with no strife flood my mind,
for a moment I can feel no pain.
There is no life with you, no scars or broken heart.
No violence or fear,
no more feeling like I have fallen apart.
Thought of just the other day,
regretting all the time I wasted on you.
I'm ready to finally find my way.

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