I wake. Trapped by darkness so black I cannot see my hand in front of
my face. A boulder crushes my chest, pins me to the mattress.
Time ceased to matter long ago. Another day, a wasteland before me.
Let me die. I am here.

I wake. Gray skies. I survive the day in five minute increments,
trudging through mud with weighted boots.
Help me. I am here.

I wake. Sunshine peaks through closed blinds. Like tulips, I fight
rocky soil and glimpse the light. The day a steep climb over hills.
Give me strength. I am here.

I wake. The room is warm, scented jasmine. I inhale, wear pink.
I keep pace with the tempo of the day. A man says hello and I smile.
I can do this. I am here.

I wake. A gentle kiss beckons me. My husband takes my hand, his
strength dissipates the shade. Ripe peaches. A porch swing. Laughter.
Thank you. I am here.

I wake. Light in my children's eyes proof of heaven. They tug me from
bed with giggles. We delight in chocolate pancakes and whipped cream.
My husband embraces us, binds us with love.
My cup overflows. I am here.

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