Anxiety and panic—-come swirling my mind—- as if it is eating my insides—-
What am I so afraid of?—-
I tense with suspicion—
I grieve with fury—-
as I drown my ears in sound, just as to escape my demons—-
my terrors—- the judgment—-The loudness—-
That is me—-
As I become the very thing—-that I fear—- Forgetting to remember—-that I am in control—- For my script is not yet over —-there’s more to this Tale, Saga, or Epiphany...
For I am not done—-making history —-
I am on a path—- to I know not where —-
However, I have a purpose... for my children...
to share——to learn—-
that you can be at the Bottom of hell—-yet rise above—-and descend—-
And I strive—-to inspire them —-
My beautiful boy and my beautiful girl—-
I will make them proud, as I navigate—-this world—- opening the door—-
greeting my future—-
of Joy—-
And Awakening to Enlightenment...
Without fear...
In Liberation!!!

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