My Eyes are open, I see the world.
The silent Injustice ravages the bloom.
Empty catacombs echo the promise
Of a life well lived with shackles that blind us.
Are you happy with your collection of bags?
You carry guilt as if it were right.
Aren’t you tired? So lay them down.
Take off your shoes, try to get comfortableGod isn’t leaving.
He’s offering a wellspring of acceptance and healing—
It’s time, it’s time. You’re ready.
I will break down my walls.
My heads spinning and spurting beautiful thoughts.
Like evergreen, serendipity proceeds my walk,
And fills my lungs with whispers of Emanuel.
Water cleanse my soul.
Unpack the burden of living to love.
A life without pain isn’t worth living,
Oh radiant dawn—this is an Awakening.
With an open mind, I succeed my mother,
Like an open road with generations of beat in rubble.
My foundation rests on cloud nine living,
Where His blood championed humanity’s beginning.
A turning page, start a new chapter.
Theres more shame, stop running and surrender.

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