Is it wrong for a man to cry,
looking in the sky, asking, God, why?
Can I continue fighting problems as they multiply?
I'm seeing visions of better living in dreams.
I lift my head off the pillow as I'm awaking in screams.
If you can hear me can you send me a prayer?
I feel preachers on earth seem to not care.
I'm alone walking on the concrete cracks,
but if I stumble,
could you be the one that catch me
and keep me humble?
I'm annoyed of people pointing fingers
while thinking they know me.
While they paint a perfect image,
but their colors are phony.
I was born to be a soldier and
I'm strong as I live,
and many people tend to forget
"You get what you give."
As the world revolves,
I'm mentally behind bars,
and there's no escaping
unless it's the problems I solve.
I was born to be a leader
for a probable cause.
But can I be forgiving,
God forbidding all of my flaws?

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