What's the matter beautiful child, why do you look so down

Is it the daily reminder of a loss, a true love that was never truly found?

Is it the longing for a feeling brand new?

Or the fact that its the first time and just something you desperately want to hold onto?

Discovering the beauty within yourself, most take talent as a threat

You want to prove to yourself you got what it takes, but sweetie that's your biggest regret

They will look at you with emerald envious eyes, like you are a golden ticket some sort of priceless prize

Oh you thought your intelligence is what they are flattered about?

No dear woman its your boobs and butt hanging out

You will only get as much respect given as you put out

You're a beautiful and unique soul don't let the haters fill your head with doubt

You don't need to cover your natural beauty with paint or walk around half naked getting labeled as a skank

You should never throw stones in a crystal clear house

But hold your composure dear queen so the peasants wont have much to talk about

Humble yourself, nobody's value is more then any other

I would rather see the Lord smile then feel the holy spirit shutter

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