Awakening the Human Spirit

A seven-hour drive to Joplin, I am bound
And yet not ready for what my eyes and heart found.
Businesses still standing, everything all in one
Five feet across the sidewalk, destruction was done.
Buildings torn to shreds, nothing left but wood and nail
They proved just as our emotions, completely frail.
Imagine the largest tree was just like a feather
Blowing in the wind, by the tornado's weather.
A story each house told like opening its door
Walk through, they allow my heart to feel their core.
A mother trying to protect her infant son
To a hero saving the lives of twenty-one.
You can't help but be changed just by being there
So, step up and make a difference, if you dare.
All hands help, even if it's just an hour or two
Don't say,"I don't have time; it, someone else will do."
All strangers, volunteers, and foreigners, unite
For this"one" voice to change the world, they will fight.
Fast, you connect with others to a common goal
As though everyone sees into another's soul.
The city holds onto it, as they start to cope
It is not just another four-letter word.hope.
Joplin will recover and enter a new phase
Because human spirit trumps disaster always!

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