Awareness of Dawn

By Michael   

Looking up instead of in
The curtains fray and turn to frail
Upon a dawn my mind so meek
Unto the sun my suffrage hails

This wealth of love and desire and truth of breath
The aura of doubt has my mind now left.
The enveloping theme surrounds me
As each second whispers sweetly "that you, made me.”

As made as a made- man can in good conscious be
As an eloquent ignorant, yet in elegance I am free
Or fallen as dependent upon the master you seek.

I hear you clearly call me, in this dawn I am faulted but somehow made free of fall
Unto this made man you have made him to magnetism of this, this light drawing
The meek to significance, from pride to dependence, unto honest repentance
So done am I with all this resistance.

I cried to be overtaken by the dawn of this song
As I was moved within the moment that light brings
And its perception of each second as it sings, you my beloved.

With such a resonance of breath I could not relent
That the awakening of the awareness, was from the consideration of You
And light that bears witness of wrongs and evils that have seemingly roamed the
earth and robbed the creation of its celestial beauty.

Yet, in this dawn I am faulted but somehow made free
I am free of falling; but have fallen freely

Looking up and not within,
The blinds that bind are turned to frail
Upon a dawn awakes my soul
Unto A Son salvation hails
And as human form, the man you have made, frays and falls and fails to stay
Upon this dawn, within this awakening my purpose now displayed.

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This Poems Story

The old adage that darkness is most present before the sunrise surmises my relation to "Awareness of Dawn". During a "rough time" in my life I was quickened to remember just how small problems become once you give your attention to something larger. In this moment I observed a brilliant sunrise through the curtains of my 3 story apt building. I understood my resemblance to the curtains that swayed in the wind as I went back and forth with my problems and then understood as the dawn enveloped me how small those problems were.