Hey there girl, you had me at hello.
Yeah, I know you hate cheese, but it's apropos.
The moment I laid eyes on that gentle smile,
I knew I'd be falling for you for a while.

Falling like a plane nose-diving to the ground.
Okay, no. I don't like how that sounds.
Falling like the Hindenburg, crashing to the dirt
Jesus Christ, that sounds so much worse....

You know what I'm mean, shut up, stop laughing.
Actually no, don't stop. It's actually quite dashing.
Wait, wouldn't dashing be used more for a man?
Not staying you look like one, please understand.

God, you see what you do to me? I'm fumbling my words.
Your smile, your laugh, your eyes, it's absurd.
How you make me feel, I mean. That's what I meant to say.
I could just stare at you all day.

That sounds really creepy, I'll just stop there.
Just know that to you, no one else can compare.
And I'll make an ass out of myself to see you smile,
Just so long as you keep me around for a while.

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