I wrote you a love letter before I met youJust because you once said you liked my handwriting.
And if my font was your typeI’d pen you an ocean
Knowing I’ll never fall in love with you when
I’m a good swimmer and I’d rather dive then fall
I knew I loved you when you wrote me a text that had the same cadence as my childhood imaginary friend
The one I tried to hold hands with on the swing-set
But who was always in opposite motion
So our hands would graze for a moment mid air
So I said sorry to you when we held hands the first time and couldn’t let go
Just like the first time we kissed in the bar bathroom
Surrounded by the hideous
Our lips touched and I have never felt more beautiful
Except maybe for the first time you changed your pronouns to “we” when you talked about the future with me.
I cry every time I write this poem because I can’t make it as gorgeous as you
I can’t find a word for how I never felt like I made sense in the world until I met you
I know this is only the beginning
But I’m more like song at the ending credits
The tune that alters in pitch
As your name comes across the screen
Not the lead star because you are the moon.
That’s why I always tell you to look up at it with me.
Because even though right now I’m alone I’m not lonely
I am here and you are there
And when here wants to be there, and there here
Together we are in the same place known as somewhere
Waning and waxing
In a universe we have created
With just the two of us.

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