Baby I Want You

Baby I Want You
By: Jessica D. Berry

Baby I want to hold you,
As I gaze at the golden amber that sparkles a glimmer of sunset into your brown eyes! As we watch,the beautiful romance of the sunset.
Dancing it's footprints across a happy,gay,rainbow in the sky!

Baby I want to kiss you,
Like the sun kisses the sky, with a kiss that only blossoms from a sweet warmth,that taste as sweet as a honey suckle dipped in your yellow butter milk skin!

Baby I want to touch you,
With a touch that makes you moan and shiver.
When my tongue reaches the depth of your soul that is calling out for me. As I make you reach the highest climax your body has ever felt!
I can't wait to feel the taste of sweet wetness in ecstasy on the tip of my tongue as your body melt! When I insert my love deeper and deeper into you, until your calling body gives in!

Baby I want to love you,
With a love that nourishes it's happy sunshine with a moisture of radiance,that seeds the birth of oxygen that passes through the soft and gentle pucker of those lips when you blow me sweet kisses!
I want to love how your soft, smooth sexy full lips say, "Baby I Love You". As I melt and sweeten your taste buds with a nourishing sentiment of my love.
A love that taste as sweet as strawberries and whip cream licked from your body! A love overflown by your juices when I squeeze my love into your soul with the flicker of my tongue, as I lick away all of your body cravings one by one!

Baby I want to complete you,
With a completeness that is as fulfilling as awakening to a dozen red roses and a love note incensed with the fragrance of gifts that cherishes the pink little circles of your cheeks. When happiness fills and completes the cuteness of your smile. As I adore satisfying your mind, body, and soul with all the things your heart yearn for deep within!

So that the next time, we watch the sunset dancing it's footprints across a happy, gay, rainbow from within the skies!

Baby I want to turn to you and tell you, "Baby I Love You Too"!
As I gaze at the golden amber that sparkles a glimmer of sunset into your brown eyes!

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