Baby Leon

Leon was a baby, and his feet were made of sticks
His hands were made of barley with some lentils in the mix
His mother was quite mad, you see, created him from scratch
She had always wanted children, but could never find her match
A witch deep in the forest who could give him breath of life
She'd need the mother's kidney, which she'd take with jagged knife
The mother gave the organ, and the witch did eat it up
Then she dipped the baby Leon in her life's eternal cup
Leon opened up his eyes, two mismatched kidney beans
He opened up his mouth to cry, but didn't have the means
For his mouth was a tomato, his neck was rotted boards
He could not voice his terror, for he had no vocal chords
His mother took poor Leon home and sat him in a chair
She told him all her hopes and fears, all he could do was stare
She tried to teach him how to walk
But alas, his legs were celery stalks
He had no brain for motor skills
He'd blink his beans and then he'd drop
The mother grew quite furious, went back to see the witch
She murdered her in coldest blood and tossed her in a ditch
She went home to see her Leon, but saw only shirt and pants
She'd left the door wide open. He'd been eaten by some ants
She wailed with utmost agony, her regrets would ever trail her
But only for a fortnight, 'fore she died of kidney failure

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