Baby Sister

You were excited when she was born,
Not the youngest, no more, you were at home
Barbie and G.I.Joes, Bat and ball,
All got old, she was your animated new doll.
You can play with her all along, with no duties at all,
You can carry her anywhere, just don’t let her fall.
Over the years you have seen her grow,
You were her best friend, before you even know.
You were idol for her, your voice was her command,
Just don’t leave me, she would always demand
Any lame task you ask her to do,
No questions asked, task done, such trust you find are few.
By asking all stupid questions, she made you grow up
She’s the only one you have seen transform from a milk bottle to a teacup.
She’s your personal parrot; she repeats all that you say,
Many times you let her win, while you taught her to play.
On the way understanding and teaching her,
You learnt a lot, you grew up elder.
Beautiful in world this relation is,
Nobody is jealous while you hug her and kiss.
She has already taught you what’s it’s like to have a baby girl,
So big, still listening and following you, you are her world.
With career and life, you forget her sometimes,
But she will love you forever, while the sun shines.

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