“Babylon Has Yet To Learn”

We would have done good deeds the People say if they had known
Yet hated and persecuted truth when it revealed the bad that's sown.
Yes,We've heard it before from all the Ones that were unfaithful
now all the lies are losing their shine from the filth they turn dull.
Some keep digging in the past but it will only open old graves
It would seem that it's annihilation this present day still craves.
when will the Heathens See the Light that's put before them?
it's being broadcast in the streets and even sung in Sacred hymns.
Still the truth goes unheeded from the ungodly Ones lack of sense
only a small portion leaves them so confused and tense.
then We have some who know when Jah's truth arrives
But they don't fear the Lord so they strengthen their prideful Lives.
when We're given the Word to some it may Be a blow
We must give thanks We have Our Lives and Truth when Our spirits are Low.
With hearts so full of hate and even envy and pride
these things are of satan in his ways We must never stride.
We know some want to be the biggest and baddest on the earth
But neither of these will profit Anyone No,not in the second birth.
The Lord seeks clean Hearts as well as clean Hands
for there will Be no unrighteous that will enter His New Land.
Heaven is for the Faithful in Patience they wait their turn
But the Pit still smolders for All heathens still Babylon Has Yet To Learn! Amen

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