back and forth

Back and forth, back and forth moving as one.
Gentle reassurance embraces each body with kisses that bring forth ignited flames of passion.

back and forth, back and forth Holding tightly to sheets that hide secrets from moon and stars. breathing heavily each soul creates the sparks that rise.

Back and forth, back and forth. thankful moans escape from mouths filling the half empty room lit by sensual depravity
Intentions grab hold of mounds perked up with arousal.

Hands grab and caress curves that define woman Hood. Fingers claim the hole that were once never conquered by men. Clinging as one, tongues paint the body with symbols of animalistic sexuality.
Eyes roam the unseen and are surprised with the nude feminine beauty.

Back and forth an erected expression of love satisfies the fire that Burns continuously and quenches the desire of sensuality.
Back and forth, back and forth so two would make love, delving into depths of sexual pleasure relieving neither for air. Back and forth so two bodies satisfy a lasting want and yearning for love.

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