Back in Time

Let's go back to a simpler time,
Where words were spoken, not written online.
A time where if you had nothing nice to say,
You simply kept quiet and went on your way.

A time where words were not used as weapons,
And people didn't try to tear you down every second.
A time where friends were true to you,
They didn't mind if you were not cool.

Nowadays everything has changed,
All the hate can drive you insane.
Words are now as sharp as swords,
Spoken or written, they are provoking wars.

Imperfections place giant red targets on your back.
Standing out contributes to never-ending attacks.
Being different causes conflict that ends in bloodshed.
Enemies strike with sharp words causing death.

So let's go back to a simpler time.
Take all this hate and just rewind-
A time where if you had nothing nice to say,
You kept quiet and continued your day.

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