Back Then

Back Then!

Back then I'd look at you like you were an angel!
That all faded away the minute I realized you never love me.
They way we used to talk,
Made people say we truly love each other.
But you never did

It was so painful that I loved you more and more everyday!
You broke my heart and pretended like you loved me.
That's the part of my life that I'd never forget
You were so cute and innocent back then
But now, you're disgusting to my face.

Tears of joy used to drop whenever I see you
But now tears of sadness drops when I think of you
Don't be surprised when I say loving you was a mistake
Now I know you never deserved my love
I believe I was too good for you
But you thought you were too good for me

I now believe there's someone better than you waiting for my love
One who will appreciate my love
And cherish every time I'm with them

Surely you'll remember me when I'm gone
No one will love you like I did
And no one will care for you like I did
But I wish you all the best
I believe you shall find happiness and love
Cause back then you were my love.

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