Back to basics

A rich life is not what we think.
Joy , happiness is what we should bring .
Society have given us a life full of materialistic things.
Imprisoned inside a perfect picture frame we created .
Money, cars, big homes , latest trend that made us sedated .
All publicity of a rapid fame and wealth are to blame .
A life full of lies , unfulfilled promises becomes a game .
What is the American dream?
I came in for a life full of promises .
I followed the trends and the lifestyles .
Created a certain wealth with some hidden files .
Showing images of a perfect life ,but
Deep down holding sorrow and sadness .
Caught in someone else ‘s dream but feeling only numbness .
Working for years towards other’s future ,
expecting kindness .
To only receive betrayal and disappointment,
Horrific bafflement .
Unexpected treatment .
Misjudgment, prejudgment ,
Concealment !
I Woke up to see my world crumbling.
The planet warming .
The storms roaring .

My childhood dreams have crumbled .
My adulthood dream have stumbled ,
Around someone else future !
I decided to save what’s left to live .
Searching for hope and crossing the bridge .
Leading a life of simplicity .
Without complexity .
Full of meaning and away from hostility .
Where trends and wealth are devalued .
False image and appearances are screwed .
A world full of peace , hope and mindfulness .

Towards rightfulness .
Chasing away loneliness and bringing a world of optimism and happiness .
Returning to basic , living with the divine greatness !
Khadija k

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