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I try so hard to forget you
To forget that mischievous smile
Small eyes which looked as if they held an entire ocean
Voice that could calm even the messiest of commotion
But how can I miss you?
How can you miss something
Which was never yours to begin with?
All your dreams and plans about making it big
How a cheap food made you sick
How one day you got a stray dog home and
How one day you left it far away and it came back alone
I thought these were for my ears, only for me to know
Took me a while to realize
Maybe this was a regular matinee show
The constant debate between my mind and my heart
Is driving me crazy
But your memories deny to become even a tiny bit hazy
So I give up, and just accept, and let time take its toll
But now even a second seems to be passing so slow
Because one day you made me feel as if I found home
And one day you left me far away, but I still keep coming back alone.

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