Back to School

I'm writing this poem so I will always remember
how it felt returning to school in September.
I was so happy when school ended in June,
but now it seems summer is over too soon.
Yet, an end must come to all good things,
and, now, once again, the school bell rings.
I have moved up a grade, and it's a fresh new year,
and, though I'm excited, there are some things I fear.
Will I catch that bus that will get me to school?
Will my new outfit be considered cool?
How will these brand new teachers of mine be?
Will they know my name, will they call on me?
Will I be seated next to a good buddy?
Will there be hours that I will need to study?
Will I have all the materials that I might need?
Or will I forget books or glasses to help me read?
When it comes to lunch, will I bring or buy?
Will those school lunches be too scary to try?
No matter the answers, I must end my rhyme,
as school's coming quick, and I'm now out of time.
I must get some sleep, so I'm heading to bed,
yet those thoughts keep on wandering in my head.
My heart beats fast, my curiosity is great,
to get answers to my questions, I just can't wait.
As my head hits the pillow, my worries are less,
and I'm now looking forward to a year of success!

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This Poems Story

From the time I was a small child, I was sure that one day I wanted to both become a teacher and write poetry. On the road to becoming a teacher, I wrote countless poems and filed them away for, ideally, future publication. Life took over and, after teaching a number of years, I became a stay-at-home mom to my three boys, ages eight, six, and four. Caring for three very busy boys has not left me much time for exploring how to share the many poems that I have continued to write. Yet, with the encouragement of my husband and other family members, I decided to start pursuing my childhood dream. I love to write poems that children like those I taught can relate to and, therefore, I wrote "Back to School." Upon its completion, though I realized that adults, too, can appreciate this poem, as it is very nostalgic and can help serve as a reminder that all adults were once children. May this poem take adults back to that time and help them realize they have more in common with children than they think!