Back to School

It seems like just yesterday the final bell rang
But now people are saying back to school
No more lemonade or sleeping in but welcome dreaded math
Firedrills,principal's office all things I could do without
The heavy backpack that throws my back out
The tardies and hall passes- I swear I'm going where I say I'm going
With these troubles a few days but the teacher seems to know
Teacher intuition I guess
And when I'm back I'll eat chili peppers to make my face beet red
Then I'll pull the fever card-I'll think they will buy it- don't you?
But it's hard to pull it off when your sick 100 days of 180
I wonder if my mom still buys it or if she's given up on me
But this year might be different you never know
My teacher tends to sleep so she may not notice my absences
She not a pretty sleeper because she's twitching like the bunny
This year I will attend 101 days out of 180
And if I do it I'll set a record for myself

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