Back to the Basics

Let’s go back to the basics

Let’s go back to how it used to be

Let’s go way back before all the pain and all the tears we cried

Let’s go way back to when it was just the both of us

You felt like home

You felt so familiar to me

We created a universe of our own

We were the only ones living in it

Living by our own universal laws

Where gravity wasn’t to blame for us falling

Falling to the center of the universe

Travelling faster than the speed of light

Let’s go back to you and I

Back to when not even the brightest star was to be compared to the aura surrounding us

Let’s go back to the start

Back in time

Let’s go back before time became a paradox

Back to when there were no odds against us

Let’s go back to that high

Back to that feeling that sensation

Let’s go back to feeling invincible

Back to when it was just us against the universe

Let’s go back to when nothing could break us apart

Back to that force to that bond

Let’s go back to that passion that kept our souls burning up bright

Back to when love was our only ammunition

Let’s go back to the start

Back to only you and I.

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