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Till this day, I notice my world is dark,
Trapped alone, left with no more spark.
Never thought that I could be so wrong,
Regrets in front of the colorless dawn.
I feel hopeless, desperate, moreover weak,
Remembering that once I was at the peak.
An empty step forward and here I fell,
Did not stop until I reached hell.
I've long been wondering about defeat,
It's so unfair it's an unjust cheat.
Today I know that I am lost,
But must find my way, no matter what it costs.
I belong to the top, I need to climb back high,
To regain the glory when I am up in the sky.
Troubles and pains, I'll take you on-
Back to the place I once had won.

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This Poems Story

I would like to acknowledge my family for being my inspiration for this poem. My greatest thanks go to my mother Liyun Xiang, grandmother Meizhi Tao, and grandfather Qizhi Xiang. Also special thanks to my aunt Momo Xiang and my father Zhi Zhong Zhang.