Backward Clocks

As time slips by transcending physicality
Bringing upon us age; a wizened reality
To delay or halt such a wondrous force
Such an action can change every course
History would no longer be held to be true
A past with no meaning as time is tabooed
To witness the future or dwell in the past
Splicing time like the atom develops a blast
Though not physical; not one to be seen
Clocks spin backward like they’d never been
Numbers and Laws fractured or changed
As if fit with a noose, dropped, and hanged
Current time is trivial in all scientific pursuits
The power of time; a tempting forbidden fruit
To end wars, slay tyrants, or stop travesties
Like any decent person who in good believes
That a world without suffering, tears, or pain
Can be developed through time being slain
Is this, however, the most ethical of actions
Yes in short-term it would have satisfaction
But unfortunately a perfect world cannot exist
In such a physical realm where sin does resist
All the persons not knowing what to want next
Far to critical, selfish, preoccupied, complex
Time may be an appetizing field of wonder
Too easily corrupted and then torn asunder
So before we discover what is truly sublime
Just observe the amazing complexities of time

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