Backwards World

It’s easy for us to say we care
And for the needy we’ll say a prayer
We say that we are all equal
That is....if we’re all just people

We say that it doesn’t matter what you do
Your decisions are up to you
We are all loving - no lack thereof
That is...if all love is love

We say to you come one come all
Though when you tried we built a wall
And then we claim you’re all just evil
But I thought we said that we‘re all people

We changed the law but it was no use
you want a wedding cake and we refuse
“Your marriage goes against god above”
But I thought we said that all love is love

We said we’d help...with great sincerity
now we say this is a country, not a charity
We should help everyone even the most feeble
That is...if we are all just people

We push you down and don’t care at all
It’s not our business but we’re still appalled
But it’s your respect we’re unworthy of
That is...if all love is love

Oh this cruel world that I speak of
If all love really is love
Then why do we call humans illegal
If we really are all just people

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