Bad Brexit Poem

Some voted to stay
But more voted to Leave.
Others did not vote, So they are in for the Leave.
Politicians and there parties are split.
Just stop the squabbling, handle it or Quit.
Whether you voted to stay or to go
The decisions is made, Now let it Go.
The devil we know is a usual choice.
Change is for the brave and a very bold choice.
Theres is no point bikkering and how it should have stayed.
The change is coming and will not be delayed.
So just all get together and wait for the plan.
Fear is an emotion best left in the pan.
Jobs will come and jobs will go,
Some Business's will suffer, Whilst others will grow.
Its the nature of business you know.
The laws over the world never go hand in hand.
But the laws of our land are now back in our hands.
Divorce is never a pleasent thing.
But give it time and the healing begins.
Then visiting rights appear again and
Broken friendships will unite again.
So dont be sad or live in dread and fear.
Britains future change is coming and is very near.

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