Bad Medicine

Hello. My name is Maryjane better known as pot. I will make you laugh a lot. I will make you lazy and numb. You may forget and you'll feel dumb.

Hello. My name is cocaine. Here try. Do a line. Do a few. You'll think your in control but I will own you. Smoke me in a pipe and call me crack. I will take you away but you can never come back.

Hello there I am a pill. I have relatives of many. We can get you high or we can make you skinny. We can pick you up when you feel down. We can make your world go around. The doctors can prescribe so it will be OK. You will want us and need us everyday.

Hello there if you dare. My name is flake. You will go insane. Jumping and jerking eating people's faces. Come with me to very dark places. Running in the streets, jumping on cars. You may even wish you were dead. I'm the living nightmare you should dread.

Hello my name is alcohol. If your allergic you better think twice. I will turn you from nice to nasty. You'll drive drunk, maybe take or lose a life. Lose your home, your job, your husband or wife. All your money, your time will be about me. I will leave you homeless, broken and lonely.

Come with us. Just some of many. We will have fun for a while but when the party is over it won't be fun. You will want to be done but you can't stop. We will be all that you've got.

You see we own you now and we won't be satisfied until you've died. We don't care about the tears you've cried. Hopefully you'll commit suicide. We are your demons screaming inside of you.

Hello my name is reality. Come with me. I will tell you the truth. These drugs are not your friends. They will bring your life to an end. Leaving heartaches to others. Fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers. Children too. They are the ones who will bury you.

Seek help before it's too late. Reclaim your life and set yourself free. Life is good in sobriety. Miracles happen. I know that they do. You see I know this because I'm a miracle too. Open your eyes and your mind to the ones before you. Come with us we'll show you what to do.

God has a purpose for us all. He doesn't want us to fall. Life is journey and sometimes we get lost. It doesn't have to stay that way and death doesn't have to be the cost.

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This Poems Story

Celebrating 8 years of recovery. I got help after nearly committing suicide. I always felt alone and after losing my son of 21 I got worse. 3 months after my son's funeral and many blackouts, nearly losing my job, my home and my life. I prayed to God to help me or take me. I was sent to the state of Florida for rehab. After rehab I lived in a sober home for one year. First Thanksgiving, Christmas, son's birthrate and anniversary of his death I was 800 miles away from home not knowing anyone here. Two years later I returned to that rehab as part of the staff. I have been working as a behavioral health tech for 6 years now and I love what I do. I feel I have found my purpose in life and above all I am happy and free. I have God and a new Florida family who helped me find my way. Today I am free and I am grateful.