Bad men

egotistical and self absorbed
always right and never bored
all his thoughts are self-righteous
you may even call him pious

thinking all the ladies desire him
he sculpts his body at the gym
front of a mirror he primps and struts
he cares only about his conquering lusts

makes him more of a man
does what he wants, because he can
big boats, flashy cars
gold diggers in private bars

he doesn’t care who he hurts
the words he speaks are quite curt
showing feelings, you’re less a of a man
if you disagree, he’ll strike with his hand

narcissistic inside his hard skull’s chamber
empathy captured in a cavity of amber.
he worries and fibs about the size of his member
important dates he can’t seem to remember

if he doesn’t approve with who you are
love and friendship will never get far
he’ll lie and cheat, play games with your mind
all i can tell you, is stay away from this guy

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This Poems Story

There\'s always a little truth in humour. Women always complain all the good guys are married. Well this is to tell you that that\'s not true. Amongst all the bad men there are a few good guys left, just stay away from the ones i suggest.