Bad People

if bad poeple ran the world i speculate that pain and sickness
would not only be acceptable, but also cheap and easily accessable.
Value would be a concept defined by our cars and wallets.
Instead of respect and wisdom. Whats right would be defined by whether or not it makes money.
The gifted and differently abled would feel as if they are better off dead, and to be a hypocrite would be the only way to get ahead.
if bad people ran the world, i suppose people of peace would be forced to kill or die. and people of war would control which laws we are to abide buy. Magic would be considered false. and love would always be hiding.
Drugs and alcohol would be the best way to be socializing. and to save a couple of dollars would be worth more than a life. as for coping, well that would be accomplished by lying.
If bad people ran the world. well, i guess theres no need to worry about that. just stay positive.

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This Poems Story

i was inspired to make this by some harvey guy from the 1960s. he made a recording called if i were the devil. that inspired this.