Quite frankly, I am baffled.
Every time I try and talk to her
my breath stops breathing because
the words that rested on my tongue
have scurried down to clog my throat
which in turn freezes my lungs that
supply me with air and this paints
a funny look on my face that causes
her to have a funny look on her face
but hers isn't crafted from pain rather
it's made from confusion as to why
my face is red and covered with sweat
as my body shivers uncontrollably
with my mind trying to compute what
the hell is going on but it can't understand
that life can't be read like a map because
the future often goes wrong and this
in turn leaves me, quite frankly, baffled.

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This Poems Story

Honestly, I didn't have, like, a huge inspiration for writing this. As every other seventeen-year-old has, I have a colossal amount of random thoughts and memories ricocheting about in my mind. When I wrote this, I think I was annoyed because I had so much stuff in school happening all at once, and this is shown in the poem with the fast-paced rhythm and no punctuation to stop it. As for the end of the poem, I was just frustrated with how unpredictable the future can be. I never thought this poem could really get anywhere.