I am miles away from home because I am miles away from you.
I stood there
Staring at the stars last night
Wondering where you were
And if you were thinking about me.
There is a place in my heart that is filled with your voice
Your thoughts
Your touch
Your laugh
It echoes with your whispers.
When you look at the moon do you think of me? Does looking at that pale, cold rock make you think of me?
Seeing it’s brightest side, knowing there is an entire half you haven’t seen
Does it bring me to your attention?
When I see the sun it makes me think of you.
So warm and bright
It can burn too hot.
Sometimes it hurts to look at.
It makes everything around me brighter
And when the sun sets
Everything gets dark and cold
Just like when I’m not with you.
I want to watch fireworks with you
From mountaintops
And I want to watch lightning with you
From windowsills.
I want lazy board games, where rules cease to matter
I want shouting matches over important things.
I want a love that burns through us and sets everything around us on fire.
I want your hand on my cheek when my eyes fill with tears
I want your fingers to find my shoulders when the weight of the world becomes too much.
I want to be the kiss on your forehead when you fall asleep at night.
I want pictures with you from every border sign in every state
I want my fingertips slightly stained from the stamps on our passports
I want the cold of a steering wheel against my palms on early morning road trips
I want life with you.

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