I don't know why,
I just feel like I'm pained.
I guess it's just one of those days.
Like everything is going wrong,
Yet nothing has changed.
That's the crazy thing,
In tuned with spirits but can't hear the Angels sing.
The light just blinds my eyes,
But a cool breeze is what the darkness brings.

Stuck inside a vessel with wandering eyes.
A soul wanting to savor each moment but sever all ties.
A constant battle in which I,
The enemy lies.
But can you really win,
If a part of you dies?
They say it's for the better.
Was it institutionalized?
The evil is misunderstood,
It even burns itself when it cries.
Without the dark half of my wings,
Tell me how do I fly?
Please tell me,
Without the negatives,
How does the positive thrive?

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