Balancing the line of neutrality, trying to walk away from plight.

A whisper away from darkness, searching for the light.

Clinging to chaos and fear, resisting vibrations of change.

Cuddling insanely, to my state of disarrange.

Echoes of pernicious words planted in my soul.

Bursting into rooted beliefs, growing out of control.

My towering Ego of unjustness looks down on me in disfavor.

Repeating mantras of past, to stop me from being braver.

He’s counting on complete acquiescence.

While I’m entangled in cognitive dissonance.

Protected by my wall, solidified in shame.

Hiding from my power, never taking blame.

A moment bathed in silence, open to receive.

Feeling sparks of freedom, while planning my reprieve

We can heal existence, my higher power and I.

As I step into my power, finally allowing myself to cry.

Inhaling mother nature, seeing beauty within.

Grateful for the connection, I see the sun again.

My wall begins to crumble, my Ego is cut to size.

Engulfed in perfect symmetry, I see through brand-new eyes.

My home of soul eclipse, shall wither up and die.

Absolute yin and yang, My shadow, my god and I


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