They were there for me when no one else was.
They have been through what I have and more.
They understand how I feel, and have felt what I've felt.

Some grew up with a broken family others with a broken heart.
They are all different but share the same mindset.
They grew up knowing they wanted to become know.
Most of them left their homes at a young age to chase their dreams.
They worked hard and gained a crowd.

Now they are on tour every year, and have a show every night.
They unite all those kids you call "weird" and "outcast."
They will always be there for me and I trust them to catch me when I
fall. They give me a reason to wake up every morning and
live another day.

Some of my heroes have been taken from this world, but
their story lives on. To me legends never die and and heroes
are not forgotten. They have helped millions of kids like me
struggling through life become confident. They have helped us
believe in ourselves and love ourselves. I believe that not
all heroes wear capes, but some wear makeup and others have wings.

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