Bang the Gang

Bang the Gang

Started off me needing a friend
These friends said I had to get beat to get in
Used terms I'd never heard before
Like blood in - blood out
I should've ran for the door

But they did use words that appealed to me
Family, honor and loyalty,
What did it matter if I took a life
If I sold drugs or pimped girls on the side

Now I'm trapped, nothing seems to matter
Friends shot and killed over red and blue bandanas,
All the nice cars, money and drugs
I'd give it all up for things as they were

Mama tried to warn me about these guys
But they told me she was feeding me lies,
Tired of just being a thug gang banger
I can't even picture myself living in the future

So I've decided today to bang the gang
Tell all my homies I just can't hang,
I know they say blood in - blood out
But it's time I learned what being a man is about

Mama also taught me to pray on my knees
Ask for a second chance and for God to forgive me,
Got a long ways to go but at least I'm free
I'm banging out the hate and violence in me.

Bang the Gang!
Stop the Violence!

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