The great Mohandas karamchand Gandhi
Bapu of our nation

He was the one to revolt against the smarts
And now bapu resides in our hearts

Bapu won the war of independence
With his great non-violence

He taught the world through his actions
Living his life without violence

Non-violence was his right hand
With which he conquered the British controlled land

Speaking truth was another principle that he preached
And his actions preached

Bhramcharya as in his heart’s core
Building young minds on the shore

Faith in god faith in oneself
He said would always help

Simplicity was depicted by his body
Dhoti and duppta was seen by everybody

His living defined how a person should live
Like the trees on the earth give

The teaching mantras are his 3 monkeys
Seeking success for every fellow chunky

His principles are still useful today
In this world every day

Non-violence can save every teen
Controlling their thoughts and making them keen

Bhramcharya can implant modesty
Taking care of safety

Faith in everyone in this world
Brings peace has been told

Simplicity will avoid all excess desires
And all others will heir

But nowadays bapu’s principles are disappearing
Due to western culture optimizing

It was not nathuram who killed bapu
it is we all who are killing bapu

Every day we are killing bapu
By not following principles of bapu

Those who fight with the opponents of bapu
Are the ones who did not understand bapu

They just made an issue f bapu
The just fought, but not for bapu

We just not should read bapu
But we all should follow bapu

When I see these people
My heart aches from inside

What did bapu preach?
And what is so called followers teach

We all should be thankful to him
For his life full of grim

My heart salutes this hero
For lifting our nation from zero

Thank you bapu…

-by vardhan patil

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