Barack Obama The Man

As a man live; it's clear what he'll give.
It's demonstrated by how his family is treated.
First he's the man, that does all he can.
He's made certain his foundation is completed.
Since that's in place, the world he now faces.
The world is an extension of his family.
His sound point of origin that he's anchored in.
He has a good view of how things should really be.
He cherishes his wife; she spirits his life.
He has undying love for his children.
His unselfish love, the kind we're all made of.
The kind of love that nurtures and cares for this nation.
Everyone has been in quest, for equality to manifest.
But equality had been held at bay and not met.
As he carries out his plan; the country will stand.
He's a good example of a concerned and fair President.
Bush was a bad memory; the land was a grave injury.
The country was is in dire need of redemption.
What Bush took us through; Obama brought us something new.
The country is included; no one is an exemption.
Thank God for Obama; He has remedied Bush's drama.
He is salvaging and restoring this wounded land.
He'll get America together; this country will be much better.
We're now experiencing Barack Obama the man!!!

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