Bark Stripped Heart

Tears dampen a bark-stripped heart, causing it to shake with fear,
For the thought of losing something more precious than emerald leaves
Is a dire possibility masquerading amongst a crusade of deceitful cheer,
How can I recoup when failure's residual never dissipates?
How can I retaliate when my efforts are shamed?
All I want is to achieve gallantry,
But when my integrity is declared infamous,
And there isn't a plan B to ease my hiccup-filled dreams,
Will it all be in vain?
Tell me, will it callus my efforts?
Will it make me vulnerable?
Or possibly medicate my vibrant soul?
I hate uncertainty, so please tell me,
What is worthy of my paranoia-gripped heart?
Because without consistency,
What investment is worth my coalition?
What is to become of me and my bark-stripped heart?

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