Bat Hill Dark Corners

Levels twenty are dots dash upon contact bag fast grab to
travel decorative reading bleed torment in depth.
The aging planet wasteland fortress hidden within told bars leverage
waiting sold amongst the ash.

The paid crazy called upon wonder it in depth amazing fading
falls the embrace left alone way strong.
The wage gap compare board common falls grease raw become
one over blown stone. The candy demanding pan
piece of the pie ran sack holds them.

The pretentious base gave base them souls at leaks dripping crimson
means combat spirits of evil.
The trivial meaning a pass lot less drop conventional oppression
stated political set. This is that as a dark angel so may to retreat to shadowy a gloom.
It's to my dungeon my grace in one ten deep beneath the crust
but above fictional love underwent, filled with hate.

This seen gross make pace they are scars not stitched together
with bugs eat out my seat.
The means I eat these maggots even keep the wounds buried.
It's not awake address say the word envisage final hunter
one third of a bird captured images.

I've found not heard of freeze marginality serve human meat
dinner in the cold heat wind bland. The mundane life to me is and
filled with many candles as cursed into my clean dark room.
I'm talking at the walls a blank sleep twist the ghost asylum raised.

This feed save please mountain stand on let long ago back arm print
this corpse malevolence standard of artistry apart wrote dense.

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This Poems Story

The description of thought where the bats will roam free without a cause .