Bathroom floor

Do I...
Do I look the same
All these days
I sit back
And watch the same runback
To the same
Old phase
Every single
Every single damn
Of them
Get a kick
what am I thinking about?
What am I without
My boys
My sanity
My gravity
My pills
Bathroom floor
I Fall and
My body spill fluids like words
House of cards
My body’s not my guard
No key
To the gate in my back yard
I am his.. mine is his.. I’m all his
I sneak into his bedroom door..
I am pretty sure?
That’s what I was told
And that’s what I hope to hold
My body’s a sea
Everyone swims... everyone sins
Towards god..
If I ever let it show...
it’s time to let go.
Let everyone know
You’re gone
I’m gone.
Those scars on your wrists and
Those boys showing fists
You don’t deserve this
I tell myself...
you’re worthless
You got this kid
Let it go
Don’t cry
Let them run their hands
As you ruin your thoughts
Let them touch your chest
As you try to stay still
You’re not disgusted
You’re just trending
The boys all want to try you now
You’re just a trophy now
A materialistic prize
Are you suffice?
your love
Your body
Pedals fall
But you don’t care.
It’s over.
You’re over, hungover
On the bathroom floor.

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