Bathroom Love

Once we tried in a bathroom ,
where artificial splash inside ,
no worries to made it wet ,
no worries to made it hide .

The water is oozing out ,
everywhere throughout the body ,
his only task was to lick inside ,
to made it more goddy .

It was a cold and chilling experience ,
under the shower ,
where lips were tightly locked ,
and bodies were on fire .

A night fall for him ,
and a wet dream for me ,
Yes .... the bathroom love ,
was a hit scene to be .

Fantasies washed swiftly ,
more germinate inside ,
no one from each of us ,
wanted to made them hide .

That was a complete wild love ,
wild under the water ,
where no sea and shore lies ,
only echoed bathroom sound matters .

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This Poems Story

This poem Highlights the beautiful scene of Bathroom Love in which all the fantasies washed away completely.