Lovely are the dreams that make everything alright
The way you get lost in their breeze
With only beauty in sight
Trees of love and happiness swaying to and fro
Tears stream down you face as the time comes to go
You kiss you dreamland goodbye, and as you so depart
You hold onto your life and gently grasp your heart

You've made huge mistakes in life and in love,
But you still hug yourself, holding your head up above
For there's no comfort in anything you find
As hard as it is, when you feel you've lost your mind

For even the lovely dreams that make everything alright
Cannot last forever, nor withstand all the fights
The fights and the battles that are thrown upon you
Making you fight a little more
Making you wish life was through

But stay strong, as it's the only way
To clean up the mess that took over your life one day
The time has come for you to overcome
All that hasn't and has already been done

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