Battle Cry

I have praised the Lord with all my might, I have
praised Him on instruments and in song, I have
loved Him with all of my heart. Will the enemy
stand? Will he stay? Did not Christ come to
deliver the answer to these questions? He
delivered it to the tablet stones, then transcribed it
to the fleeting flesh, it was pierced it was scarred
and the marring swelled like bloody tears, yet He was
able to sustain.
I was just about to lift up my cup of salvation
when then, the enemy arrows came. They were
shooting all around I ducked, I dodged, I even
surrendered and laid down my sword.I laid dead
in the street for an hour and half as the people
shouted all around me looking to find the fired
arrow that did this dirty deed. While I lay there
silently still and lifeless I dreamed. The angels
came to me one by one telling of the things that
would soon come. I saw God's arm reach out and
His hand that then picked me up from what
seemed to be a war. I asked the Lord "Is this
normal, or natural?" He saw, He sai "And though
you were dead in your human self, now I say
arise and be reborn." Heal the Land , O my Lord!
Heal the land. Let your Holy dove fly as a sign to all of creation
that the judgments are in Your hand, the seals are in your hand,
if You lift up your glittering Sword the enemy will not stand.

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