Battle for the Brain

Sanity is a white crystalline powder
encapsulated in bullets
arranged in rows on a belt
slung across my back as I march out of pharmacy doors-
a soldier off to war-off to silence
the voices that oppose me,
to show them who is master of this body. I am
in command. I have the ultimate weapon.

I seize a glass from the shelf,
hold it under the flood of the tap,
laughing elatedly as I see
in my mind-my tormentors drowning in the swirling waters.
I place the tablets on my tongue and press
the vessel to my lips. Stop here, savor the power of this-
this moment.

The hopelessness of hiding with my back against the door,
the uselessness of fingers jammed down
into ears, trying to keep out words generated from inside-
all dissolves away, the bitter taste
stings my whetted tongue.

I try to speak the word "Victory."

I choke.

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