Battle is Won

Run run as fast as u can,
Away from me Mr Methman,
U can try to run u can try to hide,
Before u know it u let me inside,
I make u feel good I numb all ur pain,
Until i have u so bad u cant maintain,
I control ur mind and take over ur life,
Causing u nothing but heartache, struggle and strife,
U try to get away from me I am the demon within,
When u realize I hate u I was never your friend,
At first u thought I was sent from the man up above,
Because I made u feel so good u fell in love,
Now ur body craves me as u try to get away,
It longs for that feeling u felt that first day,
The intense sensations was just to draw u in,
To the life that I live the life of sin,
So easy to deceive u u had a heart of gold,
But as u grew weary ur heart grew cold,
I have took ur family everything u had,
I took ur best friend the one u called dad,
After that day something inside of u changed,
While I was planning ur death ur thoughts rearranged,
U started to remember ur life before u met me,
When u worshipped a man who gave His life on Calvry,
He was nailed to a cross on a hill far away,
He was buried in a tomb and arose the third day,
This man named Jesus gave His life to save u from me,
For He holds in His hand life and deaths eternal key,
Some still follow me as I lead them to hell,
Pain, fire and agony forever now they dwell,
As u remember in Jesus name all demons must flee,
You start screaming loudly devil get away from me,
As u continue worshipping and praising Jesus name,
Forever in Heaven with Him u will remain,
Jesus won this battle the devil lost this war,
Jesus holds the key to hells only door!

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