Battle of Hearts

By Ayesha   

Beauty - a quality not all have, satisfaction of mind, your definition,
You gave WARNINGS of flaws that I dodge as if knives are coming my way, some hurt more than others, leaving scars of my beauty.
The thoughts you put there only provokes a battle in my heart, swords clash against each other each time, I blink wishing it would all disappear.
Your face cover with that cheap chemical you call a makeup covering the smile that holds your flaws.
What would you do it if I told you, “Take it all off!”
There’s a light in your smile, plain lips widen with the moment,
Your eyes where all the stars find a home, roaming free to the wild wind of the west
Your bones walking with grace, moving your hips to the song playing in your head.
Your body filled with the colors of life, the spring you planted your dreams; the blue sky of wonders where you roam; and starless nights with you trapped inside.
Your beauty in waves of the ocean crashing against rocks; rocks that crave love and soul.
You're want to be a stone, hard and lifeless, but your a diamond made of black coal.
I tell you once again, “TAKE IT ALL OFF!”

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