Battle of the sexes

Courageous, Opinionated, Intellectual, Intelligent,
Charismatic, Virtuous, Beautiful, Handsome,
Praised, Complimented, Objectified, Abused.
Then why the double standards?

Insidious self-righteous society,
Strengthening the sanctimonious voices.

She is no feminist,
But because he is guy, he needs no curfew.
She is no feminist,
But because he is a guy, he can hang out with whomever he wants.

He is invincible like a superhero.
Honey coated kryptonite slowly crippling her.

Receiving merits based on her appearance,
Toiling, breaking the glass ceiling, for mansplaining
Bearing children, her sweat transcending expectations,
Only to be told that her feather like limbs are for domestication.

A projection of disappointment, disapproval, devastation,
She paves her way with the power of thunder.

Audaciously standing tall addressing her critics,
Cleverly retaliating interrogators,
Silencing the moral police,
Sanguinely stepping off the podium defiantly walking away.

Athena, Durga, Victoria are her few avatars,
Beware! She is a force to be reckoned with.

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This Poems Story

This summarizes my feelings on gender divide.