Battle Scars

Enduring the bullets of despair,
Mending our wounds with tears and care,
We rise back up from the blackened ashes
And walk once more with battle lashes.
Jabbing us with hateful looks,
Crushing sounds and piercing hooks,
You try to kill and maim
As we simply try to live,
Though many are lame.
Your victory comes with our death;
We are seen as evil, to be without breath
To burn in the fires of hell
And there forever dwell.
Yet you raise your eyes and see
That we are cloaked in white,
As He wipes our tears-
While you are in torment and fight
The fact that you were to the left,
And we, to the right.

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This Poems Story

I grew up in Okinawa, Japan for about thirteen years and moved back to the United States in June of 2012. My mom raised me and encouraged me to keep going higher. My poem was inspired by the amount of bigotry and hatred. I see from those who claim to know God (love), but their very works make me question those people. I believe in the unconditional love and radical inclusion of God and His gospel.