Battle Scars

When you feel like life is knocking you down
Just remember to listen to the beautiful sound
Of the very voice that keeps you afloat
And how the waves feel to gently rock the boat.
Keep your anchor grounded
And your thoughts always profound.

Remember, all scars and cuts mend,
All the sadness and lonesome feelings have a time to start and to end.
The pills you thought of swallowing,
Just leave us all wallowing
On why you never told us how truly empty you are.
Please don't make the distance between us that far.

I could write you a million poems, filled with happy words
But that would get us nowhere like arguing about different lords.
Know that people care, if you exist today,
And how lonely it would be, without you there on Mondays.
What you're going through is very tiring I know
But we are here for you, please don't go.

When you feel like you can't breathe
Just picture the calming sea
Let it slow your sprinting heartbeat
Remember you will always have a spot in my backseat
Darling you've made it this far,
It's just all about who you choose to travel with in that tiny car.

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