Battle Within

This battle within
A battle that is unending
A battle where right wants to conqueror,
but wrong is still there
A battle where I am torn between two places
In this battle I will have to choose which side I
am on
In this battle I can not be like a flounder
Flounder where I just flip flop, and I do not
know what side I am on
Flounder where I struggle to move, or struggle
to make a decision
Struggle to make a decision before
it is too late
I will feel the consequences, or regrets
from either decision I make

Flounder where I am transforming myself
into two different things for each side
Transform make a thorough or dramatic change in
form, appearance, or character
When I transform I am turning
myself into something that I am not
This battle within is like fire vs. water
Like cold vs. hot
This battle within I am going to have to choose,
either I am wrong or right
Either I am hot or cold
This battle within determines how my life ends

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